Empower, Enhance, Protect: NBSINFRA Paving the Way for Resilient Urban Futures

Our Mission:

Boost local urban infrastructure resilience against hazards by collaboratively designing, monitoring, and creating through Nature-Based Solutions, paving the way to a sustainable and resilient society.


NBSINFRA aims to:

Demonstrate the technical viability and effectiveness of Nature-Based Solutions as powerful defenders for safeguarding critical infrastructures and enhancing urban resilience

Innovate a methodology to evaluate how specific natural ecosystems respond to various hazards

Foster community engagement, empower decision-making, and drive commitment to results

Develop a toolkit for community empowerment

Share best practices to expand and scale-up NBS across the EU

Highlight that NBS are not just socially acceptable and budget-friendly at the local scale, but can also potentially increase community empowerment


An NBSINFRA toolkit will be created by using the lessons learned and observing the generated tools in the first part of the project.

The toolkit’s design will involve active collaboration with end users, with a focus on ensuring social acceptance and fostering empowerment.

By combining insights from a broad perspective, together with information at a local level, NBSINFRA will provide friendly recommendations and educational material for stakeholders.


NBSINFRA is committed to producing several impactful outcomes:

Ensured resilience for vast interconnected systems infrastructures against chaos – whether from pandemics, complex attacks, or the unpredictable forces of nature, and humanity

Enhanced infrastructure protection systems to enable quick, slick, and secure responses to challenges, minimizing the need for substantial human interventions. This includes improved risk assessment to fortify the resilience and strategic autonomy of European infrastructure

Smart city protection by soaking up lessons from safeguarding infrastructure and systems