The Municipality of Ruse operates the urban transport network and has a test area within it which has diverse infrastructure prone to flash floods. They aim to assess resilience, propose NBS, and develop a risk registry (exposure and loss dataset) while addressing flood damage, engaging the community, and promoting user-oriented innovation packages. A mechanism of regular change detection, based on the CbM concept of EU-JRC will be applied. The new ISO19144 standard and ‘urban brick” methodology will be applied for LC/LU assessment. The results will be important for the Euro-region Ruse-Giurgiu, the Lower Danube region, and later extend to the broader Danube region (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova). 

The efforts aim for quick transformation by creating region-specific portfolios of research and innovation (R&I) solutions. These portfolios will highlight nature-based solutions, cutting-edge technologies, financing possibilities, governance structures, insurance models, and initiatives for raising awareness while promoting behavioural change.